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Flanged water immersion heaters is a manufacturing company that. Heaters are used in many petroleum and water based applications.

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An Overview of Flanged Water Immersion Heaters

A flanged water immersion heater is a commercial device that can be installed on tanks full of water or another liquid. The main purpose of the device is to heat water to a specific temperature or to maintain that temperature within a tank. These are different from other types of heaters that use other designs. Flanged water immersion heaters are used in a variety of applications from food preparation and manufacturing to heating and waste disposal. This type of water immersion heater is not designed for highly acidic or caustic solutions although they are very durable.

Flanged Design
One of the defining features of flanged water immersion heaters is the actual flanged design. The water heater looks like a long cylinder. The top part of the cylinder has a flange a short distance from the top. Everything below the flange can be inserted into a tank of liquid. The portion above the flange is designed to remain dry or to connect to control and monitoring equipment. The design means there must be a special opening in the tank that can accommodate the diameter of the flanged heater. The heater is inserted into this opening and then secured in place. Flanged immersion heaters are usually installed permanently although they can be removed and replaced over time.

The Heating Elements
A flanged water immersion heater has a number of heating elements stretching out from the flanged top. The heating elements are usually long pieces of metal that curve at the bottom and reconnect to the top in order to complete a circuit. Most manufacturers today actually coat the heating elements in some type of protective metal or other material. The coating prevents the elements from corroding. They also help to stop scale and minerals from accumulating on the surface of the elements and inhibiting performance. Some coatings make the heaters more appropriate for specific applications like food preparation and production.

The final part of flanged water immersion heaters is the control system. The two most popular control systems are digital and thermostatic. Digital systems use relatively modern electronic displays and buttons to precisely control temperatures and performance. Thermostatic systems rely on thermometers and thermostats in order to control whether the heater should active or shut off. Both systems work well.

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